Nohup Syntax Error

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For example this line fails: $ nohup for i in mydir/*.fasta; do./ "$i"; done > output.txt& -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `do What's the.

Linux nohup command help and information with nohup examples, syntax, related commands, and how to use the nohup command from the command line.

What is wrong with "do" in the following: nohup while true; do./; sleep 1800; done & Keep getting the following syntax error: sh: Syntax error: "do.

Aug 27, 2009. bash: syntax error near unexpected token `do'. Any ideas why?. a script, do this: nohup bash -c "while true; do date; sleep 1; done". vote 2 down vote. nohup takes a command, "while" is not a command, it is a shell builtin.

Feb 25, 2017. Problem : the shell is seeing separate commands like "nohup while true" & "do./" & "sleep 1800" & "done &". Here, the shell sees a.

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nohup Execute Commands After You Exit From a Shell Prompt. nohup command syntax:. Make Sure Unix / Linux Configuration Files Are Free From Syntax Errors;

How to Use the wget Linux Command to Download Web Pages and Files

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nohup is a POSIX command to ignore the HUP (hangup) signal. The HUP signal is, by convention, the way a terminal warns dependent processes of logout.

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Try nohup bash -c 'while true; do timeout 1h python –log-level= ERROR; done'.

Jan 29, 2015. The problem is that running the script as nohup sh /path/to/your/ Thus in order to avoid the error the incompatible syntax must be.

Are there any advantages to using screen/tmux as opposed to redirecting stdout and error output (then using tail on a file. know the process will end in a certain way. In which case "nohup command &" should do the job just as well.

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